tableaux et photographies de paysage

Painting and Photography


 Landscape paintings reflect the constant changes in Nature. But their real theme is our perception of these changes. The paintings show landscapes devoid of human activity; only the action of time is present. But the landscape is dynamic and the spaces inhabited by men change depending on their needs.

 I take photographs of things that draw my attention, such as places that have lost their function or initial purpose and now, devoid of it,  have acquired, thanks to the passage of time, other qualities that make them interesting in a different way to the eye of the beholder.

Signs of cafes that no longer exist, or establishments that have closed down and are now occupied by housing, suggest the nostalgia of a past when the population was larger in the rural environment. Nevertheless, the memory of it all continues.


 These signs remain as vestiges of another time and witnesses of the present. Their presence, as an archaeological element, speaks to us, not only of change, but also of abandon.


 However, the footprints of time have awarded certain plastic qualities that can be taken out of context and transformed so as to be considered artistic compositions.

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